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  • Jingwei Liu

    Jingwei Liu Director of Healthcare Transformation Center at China Electronic Technology Corp Software Service (CETC-SS)
  • Dr. Yongkai Weng

    Dr. Yongkai Weng President of AiXin Foundation
  • Professor Anli Shi

    Professor Anli Shi Chairman, China Rehabilitation Society of CACA Executive Chairman, Beijing Love Book Cancer Foundation Vice General Secretary, China Cancer Foundation
  • Da Hsuan Feng

    Da Hsuan Feng Former M. Russell Wehr Professor of Physics, Drexel University, Former Vice President for Research at The University of Texas at Dallas, Senior Fellow at Institute for Advanced Studies of Nanyang Tech
  • Liang Chuan (Jennifer) Chen

    Liang Chuan (Jennifer) Chen President of St. Mary’s Hospital at Taitung, Taiwan
  • Jing Ma

    Jing Ma MD, PhD Associate Professor, Department of Population Medicine Harvard Medical School. President & Secretary-General, U.S.-China Health Summit
  • Yuanli Liu

    Yuanli Liu Ph.D. Professor and Dean, Peking Union School of Public Health (PUSPH) President, Chinese Aging Well Association Founding Director, Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) China Initiative
  • Shaoping Deng

    Shaoping Deng President, Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital
  • Aaron Ciechanover

    Aaron Ciechanover Ph.D., Nobel Laureate Professor, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
  • Harris Berman

    Harris Berman MD Dean, Tufts University School of Medicine Professr of Public Health and Community Medicine
  • Jinping Liu

    Jinping Liu Clinical Director of Oncology Department, Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital & Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences Professor, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China School of Medic
  • Tsung-Lung Yang

    Tsung-Lung Yang MD Chief Innovation Officer, Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital Originals & Enterprises
  • Rebecca Stough

    Rebecca Stough MD Mercy Breast Center, Oklahoma City, OK
  • John Erban

    John Erban Clinical Director, Tufts Cancer Center Professor, Tufts University School of Medicine
  • Alan B. Hollingsworth

    Alan B. Hollingsworth MD Medical Director, Mercy Breast Center, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Steven E. Harms

    Steven E. Harms MD, FACR, FSBI
  • Chen Hong

    Chen Hong Manager of Liaoning Branch
  • Liu Gao

    Liu Gao Vice-Manger
  • Chen Pinyan

    Chen Pinyan Manager of Wuxi Branch
  • Lu Songbai

    Lu Songbai Vice-Manager
  • Jiannan Xiang

    Jiannan Xiang CEO
  • Hui Yang

    Hui Yang Deputy General Manager
  • Qihua Yuan

    Qihua Yuan Deputy General Manager
  • Jianhong Jin

    Jianhong Jin Deputy General Manager

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