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JXJ was awarded "2017 Most Innovative Companies 50 " by FastCompany
Publish Date:2017.11.17


 Guest and judges of “2017 Chinese best 50 innovative companies” in reevaluation conference.

  About 100 enterprises entering reevaluation cover several fields in AI, Big data, IOT, Cultural originality, Education, Mixed Reality and Medical health. Some are newly start-ups, some are innovative big enterprises; some are technology application breakthrough companies, some are enterprise targeting to excellent service.

  As the leading company in wisdom health and health management intelligent watch, it covers AI, Big data and IOT fields and be welcomed as the key enterprise invited by the contest. Vice-President of JXJ Jin Jianhong presented in the contest and entered 2017 Most Innovative Companies 50 by excellent marks.


Vice-Manager of JXJ Jin Jianhong was juggling for2017 Most Innovative Companies 50 representing JXJ.

  In the reevaluation, the judges made assessment and observation of participating enterprises from its data power, profit mode, cooperation, structure, operating process, product ecologies, service details, channel transformation, brand construction, customer interaction, which were deemed as one of the reference in the selected list.

  It is said that the result of “2017 2017 Most Innovative Companies 50 in China” will be issued on the “2018 Fast Company Conference” in Beijing AMG Live on December 16. And then JXJ will be the leading enterprises of Chinese best 50 innovative companies.”

The background of the competition

  Some business financial media put forward various ranks, most of which are “Fortune list”: Some are rich lists ranking by fortune, some are World's Top Five Hundred and some other are ranked by estimated value, sales amount, profit and market share.

  For example, most World's Top Five Hundred are less innovative group—many of them are innovators in its field and ascended into World's Top Five Hundred.

  But the problem is that constant innovation is a hard nut to crack because any institute will come to a stage of getting tired. When these list are focusing on the increase of numbers, on the other hand, it’s depriving their innovation by no respect and no applause.

  Therefore, FastCompany, as one of the 3 biggest business media company made a special list, which was farsighted and regardless of those business numbers and respect innovation and its ideas.

  Since its foundation in 1995, FastCompany devotes to the innovation and creation of enterprises, characters and cities, which was deemed as “the most focused innovation researcher and the most professional innovation transmitter”.

  Compared to other countries, china has a richer and purer entrepreneurship spirits.

 In China, most people have understandings to innovation, and it takes a long time to eliminate these misunderstandings.

  Once lost the root of innovation, we will also lose real innovation.

  When MIC50 search for innovative company, the first thing is to abandon the misunderstanding and return its original will of innovation—IF we cannot make it, everything is useless, because when lust controls our brain, we may act like an animal without rational thoughts.

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