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CEO of JXJ Tech was invited to 2018 Shanghai Health Industry Summit
Publish Date:2018.03.15

 JXJ Tech was devoted to the constant update of wisdom health management technology and wisdom service and promote wisdom health management by science and technology. In addition,we combine government, medical institutes,facilitators, person and family together on science and technology health integrated service platform to provide real-time, convenient, efficient and intelligent health management service, which satisfied our various demands. We built a diversified health service supply system which is motivated by strategy and management, based on prior service, and led by value.


  In 2018.2.10, Xiang Jiannan, CEO of JXJ Tech was invited to 2018 Shanghai industry summit, and concluded the achievements of present health industry and discussed about our opportunities and development in 2018.

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  Lots of experts, scholars and successful people presented this summit, including President, Shanghai Association of Health Dealers Wang Song, Chen Dongyi, professor, university of electronic science and technology, Liu Hong, Chinese Academy of Eurasian Sciences, Liu Hongzhi, expert Audit Group of the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Hu Dan, Minister of Evaluation and Evaluation of the National Health work Commission, Mainland representative of Changhua Christian hospital, Taiwan, Sha Xingmian, Professor of the Yangtze River Scholars of the Ministry of Education of China / China's National Thousand talents Program(Class A).

  Dr. Xiang delivered a fantastic speech as to company achievements, the present situation of the Development of the Big Health Industry in China and the Future Planning of JXJ,which acquired confirmation from the presented guests, and they expressed cooperation intention in the future.

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Dr. Xiang was interviewed by Chinese News.

JXJ Technologies

  We are devoted to create the mew type of elderly care mode--Aid-link community wisdom elderly care. In addition, the wisdom elderly care industry of JXJ was concentrated by governments and all areas in society.JXJ Tianjin and Jiaxing Aid-link wisdom elderly care service center welcomed visits, consultations and inspections from all walks of life.

  To deal with the current situation that supply fails to meet the demands in elderly care industry, we advocate community elderly care and combine IoT, electric communication and digital technology in our self-developed jWotch. Whats more, by its Internet and cloud terminal technology and bring up professional elderly care industry talents and combine advantages of our company and the third parties, we bring wisdom elderly care service in senior life.By wearing intelligent terminal devices such as the jWotch smart wrist watch, the elderly can connect their health data to the cloud data platform, which not only can upload the data, but also analyze the data and provide analysis reports, achieving the effect of two-way interaction with the wearer. The elderly in the community can also enjoy the combination of medical care and nursing, daily care, domestic distribution, and other convenient services, so as to truly realize the family pension which can be at ease, rest assured, and save one's heart.


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